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    Pose and Stay Skeleton

    Pose and Stay Skeleton Ready to add some skeletons to your closet? We have skeletons to help get your home ready for Halloween. Our full size Skeleton has bendable arms. Bend and shape this Skeleton to fit anyway you like. All joints lock in place. This item is 63" tall. Some models just never die. They continue to strike a pose even when they've long lost that beautiful skin that made them so famous in the first place. But their smile still endures... (well for the most part). Unfortunately, since their muscles and tendons have withered away, they need a little more help making the poses that made them famous. That's where you come in! Nowadays you might want to choose a spookier pose than they were ever used to for your next party, but really it doesn't take much to get a scare out of a skeleton! No haunted house (or Halloween party) is complete without a skeleton in the closet (or on the porch, or really anywhere a skeleton fits!). This lifesize, posable skeleton stands approximately five feet high and features realistic molded bones, fastened together with metal hinges (being dead is never really good for the joints). Buy a few extras and then you can even make some fantastic group scenes of both scary or silly skeletons, whichever you prefer! Maybe you want to set up a dinner that no one was ever excused from? Maybe you want to create a rock band scene of the Grateful Dead or your favorite music group? There's endless possibilities, but these ideas are just the bones to your creativity... the rest is up to you! 5 ft 3 in tall skeleton Posable and can be hung anywhere! Also great for anatomy class! The back bone's connected to the neck bone, the neck bone's connected to the head bone...