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    Fine Mesh Grill

    Fine Mesh Grill Our fine mesh grill is perfect if you want to prevent most sparks from flying up off your fire. It has a coat of the same high heat resistant paint as the fire pits themselves. They are also made with heavy duty and stay cool handles.
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    Fire Poker

    Cast Iron Fire Poker This pokers are hand made by our blacksmith and large enough to fit our fire pits perfectly. Very heavy duty. 41-42" in length.
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    Full Custom Design in Full Size Fire Pit

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    Full Custom Design in Full Size Fire Pit We can create any custom design in our full size fire pits. We will work with you to achieve that perfect design that suits you and your family. We will also include at no extra cost, a name or saying in the top rim. This is an additional $200 for a new customized design. Please stop into our showroom as we may have new designs not yet uploaded.
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    Heavy Duty Grill Not Painted

    Heavy Duty Grill Not Painted This heavy duty grill is perfect for using as a cooking or grilling surface. These grills have a non-painted grill surface which makes them the perfect BBQ, attractive and practical. They are great for corn roasts or keeping a pot of warm hot chocolate on the fire during the cool autumn and winter days. These are also great to use with our Paella Pans. You can boil down your maple syrup in the spring time or use it for an outdoor cook your own style of buffet party. This grill has a coat of the same high heat resistant paint as our fire pits. They are also made with heavy duty and cool touch handles.
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  • Log Holder

    Log Holder

    Log Holder Our log holders, like our firepits, are made from recycled propane tanks. They are free standing and measure 30"`in height and have a depth of 12". You can order these log holders painted black or with a rusty finish for a more natural look.
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    Paella Pans

    Paella Pans Our Paella Pans are authentic Paella Pans imported right from Spain. Paella is a traditional rice dish eaten in Spain. You can cook anything on these pans. They are all heat and all flame proof. Which makes them Oven, Element and Convection Oven safe. Because they are all flame proof you can even cook with them on top of your BBQ. They also work great with our custom made Muskoka Fire Pits. We have many sizes in stock: